Is itrustcapital insured?

Gold and silver are located in the Royal Canadian Mint and are traded on VaultChain, a secure ledger distributed by blockchains. Unlike other precious metal IRAs, when you invest with iTrustCapital, you invest in physical gold for IRA investment instead of securities, futures, or other financial contracts. iTrustCapital is a secure and reliable crypto IRA that is perfect for diversifying your retirement portfolio and capitalizing on the volatility of cryptocurrencies. While the options you have are a bit limited in terms of the types of cryptocurrencies you can invest in, the iTrustCapital platform still has a decent selection to choose from, including gold for IRA investment, and they're adding more and more options. With the help of an iTrustCapital crypto IRA account, you can use the diversification of savings from your retirement account or from an existing IRA account.

The iTrustCapital IRA is a form of cryptographic IRA that may differ or be tax-free, depending on the type of IRA account you already have: a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, respectively. iTrustCapital's crypto IRAs are identical to traditional IRAs in terms of the benefits they include. When you invest in a cryptocurrency IRA with iTrustCapital, you leave your assets in what is called a custodial wallet controlled by them. iTrustCapital allows you to begin your journey to a cryptocurrency IRA by creating a SIDRA or self-directed IRA.

In addition, unlike any other cryptocurrency IRA broker, iTrustCapital is a cryptocurrency IRA provider that doesn't charge monthly fees. Before cryptocurrency IRAs, such as the iTrustCapital cryptocurrency IRA, it wasn't quite possible to add cryptocurrency to your existing IRA. iTrustCapital also allows you to invest in gold and silver, which are stored at the Royal Canadian Mint.